Press Statement - Shootings at New Zealand Mosque


The Muslim Youth Movement of South Africa has received with shock the news of the senseless killing of devotees at a mosque in New Zealand. This crime against humanity is a consequence of the polarizing and discriminatory language and actions of many leaders around the world. Their words and actions only serve to make the world an unsafe place for all humanity.

We send our condolences and prayers to the families of those who needlessly lost their lives in this terrible act of violence. We also stand in solidarity with the Muslims of New Zealand and all peace and justice loving of the world.

We commend the law enforcement authorities of New Zealand for their swift action in capturing some of the alleged perpetrators. It is our hope that the remaining ones will be captured soon and brought to book.

We also pray to Allah to ease their pain and sorrow at this time of bereavement. 

May Allah grant the deceased a special place in paradise.


Thandile Kona

MYM President

084 422 9336

Press Statement - Passing of Mohammad Morsi

The Muslim Youth Movement of South Africa is shocked to learn of the death of Egypt’s democratically elected president, Muhammad Morsi. It is our view that his unjust detention in inhumane conditions and the neglect he was subjected to contributed significantly to the deterioration of his health and ultimately his death.

It is also a sad indictment on the world leaders that they kept quiet in the face of what, for all intents and purposes, was a coup to unseat a democratically elected president from power and his detention for six years, until his death.

Morsi’s overthrow, detention and death delegitimizes the democratic process by sending a message to political players that the military will not respect the will of the Egyptian people. That will open the door to violent conflict as a means to ascend to political office.

The MYM mourns with the people of Egypt and all justice and peace loving people around the world. We call for an independent and thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding Morsi death.

We also pray that Allah eases the grief of his family at these challenging times and that Allah forgives him his shortcomings.


Thandile Kona

MYM President

084 422 9336

Brutal Killing of Worshipers at a Masjid in Malmesbury, Cape Town

The Muslim Youth Movement of South Africa has learnt, with deep sadness, of the brutal killing of worshipers at a masjid in Malmesbury, Cape Town.

We wish to extend a hand of friendship and compassion to the families of the deceased, the congregation and community of Malmesbury. We also pray to Allah, the Most Merciful and Most Compassionate to comfort the families, grant the deceased the highest station in the hereafter and bring forth healing for the injured.

In these trying times, we call on Muslims across the length and breadth of South Africa to unite around the values of peace, tolerance, compassion and mercy. 

We further call on the law enforcement agencies to hasten to get to the bottom of this attack and prevent further attacks.




Mr. Thandile Kona

MYM President

084 422 9336

Libyan Slave Trade

The Muslim Youth Movement (MYM) of South Africa notes with grave concern reports of the enslavement of African migrants in Libya. These reports, widely reported in international media, indicate that desperate migrants on their way to Europe to seek a better life are falling prey to vicious criminal syndicates who sell them off to slavery or harvest their organs for sale in the illicit organ markets of the world.

These migrants, mainly from West Africa, undertake this perilous journey at great cost to themselves, their families and communities and to escape impoverished conditions in their home countries. It is an indictment on African governments, African regional bodies like ECOWAS and the African Union that they have been silent on the atrocities allegedly visited upon their citizens in Libya. Most shamefully is the fact that these governments and have failed their people to the extent that they risk life and limb to try and reach what they perceive as a better life in Europe.  

The resurgence of this despicable and backward trade in human beings and human organs mark the reversal of the small civilizational gains that humanity has made since the abolishment of slavery in the nineteenth century.

We call on the South African government, the African Union, United Nations and all justice loving people of the world to speak out and rise up against this evil trade. We make a special call to South African civil society organization’s to raise their voices in condemning the enslavement of human beings and use whatever little influence they have and exert pressure on the South African government to get in contact with the Libyan counterparts and seek a solution to this problem which threatens to make an unwelcome return.


Mr. Thandile Kona

MYM President

084 422 9336

Attack on worshippers at the Imam Husseini Mosque

The MYM has learnt with shock of the senseless attack on worshippers at the Imam Husseini Mosque in Verulam.

At this point, it is not clear what the motive was but we condemn this act of criminality in no uncertain terms and call upon all Muslims to stand in solidarity with the congregation of the Imam Husseini Mosque and to speak against acts such as these.

We also call upon the law enforcement agencies to act swiftly in apprehending the perpetrators of this evil act.

Our prayers and well wishes are with the family and friends of the victims.

Thandile Kona


Muslim Youth Movement of South Africa.

084 442 9336


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