Muslim Youth Movement of South Africa

Empowering the Youth to  secure the future

MYM is based on the ideology of Islam as embodied in the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

It is this ideology alone which moves us and motivates us to struggle for just and good in  our society, it also unites us as a single fraternity, regardless of colour, class or nationality. 


The MYM began on 16th December 1970 in Durban in response to he call of the Qur’an…


The aim of the MYM is to attain the pleasure of Allah and to establish a just order based on the Divine Will. 

To achieve the above aim we have identified the following objectives to guide our activities:

  1. To promote the Islamic value system as a solution to the problems facing our people;
  2. To train, educate and develop the character  of our people, especially the youth, to pursue these aims and objectives.
  3. To mobilise the support of the Muslim and general community to channel their resources into constructive action for social change;
  4. To struggle for a unified South Africa free from political tyranny, economic exploitation and moral degradation;
  5. To form links with Islamic and other movements with similar aims and objectives.

Our Key Focus Areas

To build the capacity of Muslim Youth, MYM has over the years invested all its time, energy, funds, human, and other resources to the following:

  • Camps
  • Campaigns
  • Skills Training
  • Lecture Tours
  • Literature





Photo Gallery

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